Leisure Swims

“Just add water for a healthy Lifestyle”

We have a range of public swims to cater for children and adults alike. Our regular Timetable is from September to June, which you can view on our timetable page. Our Summer Timetable is from the beginning of July to the end of August. We have extra times during these two months, which we will update on our website towards the end of June. Early morning, evening & weekend swims will remain the same during the summer.

All evening public swims have two lane ropes for people who wish to swim lengths, the rest of the pool is open for free swimming. From 2200 – 2230 on Monday – Thursday the pool is restricted to adults only.

On Sundays from 12:30-13:15 we run a family swim that is for adults & children looking for a fun swim. Toys are allowed into the pool for this swim and it can be a great environment for introducing young children into the pool. All children must be accompanied in the pool by at least one adult.

The Leisure swims are always staffed by lifeguards who hold the Nationally recognized Pool Lifeguard Award through the Irish Water Safety or the RLSS

Swimming is a great form of exercise. It uses more muscles than any other exercise. It is an ideal exercise for Women who are Pregnant and people who are rehabilitating. As it is easy on the joints it is ideal for people suffering from Arthritis. It is also a fun and social way to burn calories and help a healthy heart.

All children aged 8 and under must be accompanied by and supervised by an adult in the water for all public swims.

All updates to changes to the times will be published in advanced. Additional swims are added in during the Easter & Summer holidays.


Lane Swims

“You’re only one swim away from a good mood”

Lane swimming is a very good form of aerobic exercise. It will improve your heart and lung function and help tone your muscles. Twenty minutes of regular swimming has been shown to reduce cholesterol. In a recent study by the Health Educational Council in the UK, Swimming was rated as the only “4 Star” exercise for suppleness, stamina and strength.

Can you swim 25 metres? If you can, then our early morning lane swim is for you. Have a swim before you go to work and arrive fitter, fresher and more alert. The morning lane swim runs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 0720 – 0820 during the school year. When the children are off from school the swim starts at 0700.

All of our evening swims have two lane ropes added in for anyone who wants to swim lengths in the evening without being disturbed.

All public lane swims are swum at your own pace to do your own workout.

We also have a range of Lanes classes that are available throughout the year that are pay as you go classes:

Monday 1945 – 2030 Adult & Teen lengths class (€6 for adults & €4 for teens)

Monday & Wednesday 2030 – 2130 Masters Coached Lanes, €6 per class

Wednesday & Friday 0900 – 1000 Ladies Lengths €6 per class. (Please note that the Wednesday class will change during the summer, changes will be posted online and the Friday class only runs during the school term).

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