Site Security and SSL Certification

It is important to note that TCSP takes security seriously. Our site does not record or store any customer sensitive information such as credit card information. The site has SSL Certification, so you can sure that this is the verified site and  that all your communications are encrypted. For the day to day Members Area standard security is applied and customer information is strong password protected. All passwords are encrypted and cannot be viewed by any member of the administration team. The site takes precautions against SQL injection attacks and has a number of measures in place to prevent intruders using Brute Force attacks and other hacker techniques.

However, when a customer is making a transaction through the intelligent networks BOIPA ( Bank of Ireland Payment Access) gateway, all interactions take place over an SSL(Secure Socket Layer) connection which means that all information transferred between the customer and the Payment Gateway is encrypted (using 256 bit encryption) . Under no circumstances is this information available to any other customer or member of staff.

If any member of staff or customer have any reason to suspect that there are any security vulnerabilities please talk to Paul or sent an email to and we will ensure that they are investigated immediately.

We take security seriously.

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