Masters Coaching

five levels of fitness

If you have mastered swimming lengths of the pool and are looking to improve you stamina, your all round swimming ability and your technique, then our Masters is for you. It is a great class to get fit and improve your swimming all in one

We have 5 levels, one in each lane, each evening with the starter group swimming up to 2000m in the hour (not all in one go) in specifically designed and tailored sets to help progress your swimming.

If you are a ex-club swimmer, triathlete or someone who has moved up to lengths, then our coaches can develop your stroke and provide you with an aerobic training session. It will increase your heart and lung function and help you burn fat. Training is progressive and cyclical to help you gain optimal performance. Some anaerobic work is also undertaken to help you gain some speed in the Pool.

Our master swimmers are  competitive in pool competitions, open water swimming & triathlons. Many represent the swimming club Team TSC in these events.

Please note that the Masters class will not run on Bank Holiday Monday’s.

No advance booking necessary. Just call down to the pool 10 minutes before the class to registe

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