Swimming Lessons


Choosing the right level

Swimming is progressive learning skill. It is  important that swimmers start at the right level. Just like building a house you do not start with the roof. And so it is with swimming. One of the first skills a beginner learns is to be comfortable putting their face under water. They then through a series of progressive skills develop  the advanced skills and the proper techniques for the four major strokes (Front crawl, Back crawl, Breaststroke, Butterfly). Our courses are progressive, professional and fun.

If you are in any doubt as to what level your child should start at then fill out the enquiry below and a qualified instructor will contact you shortly.

…she wouldn’t get into the water, but in no time it was the opposite we couldn’t get her out. Oisin is brialliant!



Beginners, consists of three classes: Beginners 1, Beginners 2, Beginners C.  Each concentrates on particular skills, but all classes teach the full range of skills for beginners.
Beginners 1: Children typically start off in armbands and gradually progress until they are comfortable without them.

Beginners 2: In Beginners 2 children need to be comfortable in the water without  armbands. They should  show good body position and leg action for both front crawl & back crawl. At this level the instructors will take the armbands away and introduce more advanced skills. Aquatic breathing will be introduced and developed as the students progress.  All of our beginners 1 classes (excluding Sunday classes) are taught by two teachers, one on the bank and one in the water. Children will gain great confidence through this class and will start to love the sport of swimming from a young age. This class takes place in a water depth of less than 1m

Beginners C: Is a combination of of Beginners 1 and Beginners 2 where the full range of skills are taught.


Intermediate level also consists of three levels:  Improvers 1, Improvers 2, Improvers C.
Improvers 1: class is a continuation of our beginners class with skills already learned being continually developed on the children’s swimming journey. New swimmers would need to be comfortable to swim one width (8m) of our pool on both frontcrawl & backcrawl with arm and leg action and no aids. In our Improvers 1 class children will be given the opportunity and instruction to help develop the frontcrawl and backcrawl strokes. They will also be introduced to swimming the two other strokes of breaststroke and butterfly. Deep water development will be introduced in a fun and safe way to build awareness and confidence of deeper water which will aid their progression through the further levels in our swim program. Frontcrawl breathing will also be introduced in out Improvers 1 class.

Improvers 2 class is a continuation of our Improvers 1 class. New swimmers would need to be comfortable on frontcrawl and backcrawl and would need to have been introduced to both breaststroke and butterfly. They must also be comfortable to swim out of their depth and return to safety without panic. In our Improvers 2 class children will be given the opportunity and instruction to develop all four strokes. Children will be given opportunities to develop their comfort in deeper water and will start to swim longer distances (half lengths of the pool) to aid their development and prepare them for our Advanced class.

Improvers C: Is a combination of of Improvers 1 and Improvers 2 where the full range of skills are taught.


Advanced classes cater for children who have progressed from our Improver 2 class. New children looking to join the Advanced classes need to be competent on all four strokes of Frontcrawl, Backcrawl, Breaststroke & Butterfly. Children must be competent & comfortable in deep water for the majority of the class. Techniques will continued to be developed across all four strokes and on watermanship skills. Following on from our Advanced class children have the option to progress onto our lengths classes. Our teachers will consult with you when your child is getting close to our lengths class and we will place them on our waiting list for these classes.



Our lengths classes are comprised of three levels, LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2 & LEVEL 3. 

In the lengths classes the children will initially transition from swimming widths to lengths whilst keeping a strong focus on technique.As they progress through the levels they will learn more swimming skills from a variety of sources. Learning how to use the clock, how to undertake sets, how to dive and many more.

Elements of speed, endurance and racing, on all four strokes, will be developed in each course of lessons also. Teachers will deliver varied and challenging sets to the children each week to help the progress.

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