CoVid Check UPDATE

At Present Our Marquee remains in situ to facilitate PreChange until further notice, given rising Covid Numbers. We are managing numbers ongoing through the front door where possible for single session activities.

Customers are reminded

  • ARRIVE to the Bool BEACH ready
  • PLEASE bring a WARM – Hoodie / Poncho or other when in the Marquee
  • PLEASE wear something on your FEET, when in the Marquee
  • WEAR a MASK when Indoors AT ALL Times in confined spaces
  • USE Hand sanitising stations where possible
  • SHOWERS are discouraged but IF NECESSARY and where Social distancing is possible, should be
    • QUICK Rinse for c.60 second only
    • NO PRODUCT (Shampoo / Gel / Body Wash etc. etc.)
  • BOOKINGS in advance ONLINE on